Katie & Liv

I met Katie and Liv today—and while I was concerned that the reality of the trip to Ohio would scare me, it did just the opposite. I feel slightly overwhelmed with everything I have to learn, but more than anything, I am so excited to row the ocean and kick cancer’s butt.

Katie and Liv are amazing. Today we met at a boat yard and spent some time going through the boat and all of the equipment including the GPS, para-anchor, desalination machine, and emergency procedures.  Katie provided me with her waterproof notebook, which outlined instructions for much of the equipment. After going through the boat, I had the opportunity to take Liv out for a row.  I wasn’t sure how Katie (or I) was going to feel about just hopping in without any experience with such a vessel—but she had faith in me and before I knew it I was off the dock and rowing. It didn’t take long for me to catch on, and soon Katie yelled from the dock “Jenn, you don’t have to feather!” (habit of a sweep rower). Since the boat sits up a few feet from the water and the blades don’t rest on the water, there’s no need for feathering the blade when you’re not rowing. The boat itself weighs over 400 lbs alone—and it feels about that heavy when you come up to take a stroke! After adding in all of the equipment, food, supplies I’ll need to cross the Atlantic, not to mention my own body weight—the boat will likely weigh close to 700 lbs.

I was fortunate to have the company of Kyle Weaver of Kyle Weaver Photography for the exciting six hour drive through the Midwest. Kyle took some great shots and recorded some video from the time I had with Liv.  Enjoy!

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