St. Pat’s Sprint for Recovery

Saturday morning over 60 rowers flooded the Chicago River- garbed in pink and green as they took part in the very first annual St. Pat’s Sprint for Recovery Regatta. Less than a month ago, I contacted the Lincoln Park Juniors (LPJ) Head Coach Mike Wallin about putting together a race on St. Pat’s to honor the late First Lady of Chicago, Maggie Daley. A few short weeks later a race was born -full of rowers from every adult team in Chicago (and a MSU team mate of mine from Denver!), rowing together, coming together in support of ROW. Entirely unexpectedly, they raised nearly $10,000 for ROW- a  tremendously successful fundraising and awareness event.  T-shirts were donated by, and bright pink hats were made to show our pride and support of ROW.  We had a rock star group of volunteers that did everything from blowing up dozens of balloons to registering rowers, and driving coaching launches.


My heart is full-maybe the biggest understatement of 2012. I was beyond inspired by everyone-Su and Mike from LPJ, the CRU team- the ROW team and their enthusiasm on the race course. Each team took home a medal on race day! First place went to the LPJ women’s team, second to the CRU men’s 8, and third to one of ROW’s 8′s.
















Liv and I had a few adventures of our own as we headed out towards the lake on the Green River. We met over 100,000 people lining the river’s bridges, side walks, and riverfront. People were cheering “GO ROW!” and screaming my name.  My only guess was that they went to the website-otherwise I missed a lot of familiar faces yesterday!  John, my photographer-went out on the river me.  I’m so glad he was with me! It was great to have someone to share the experience with-though he did get a lot of guff from the crowd. A handful of times someone shouted, “Why don’t you make him row the boat? Why are you doing all the work!?” I told them to go to the website to learn about Row4ROW! If they thought that Saturday’s row was difficult…it’s time they learn about my summer adventure.

The weather was beautiful! It was a great day for ROW and the Chicago Rowing Community. Many thanks to everyone who made it happen. We’ll see you next year!


Thank you for your continued support of ROW and this trip. If you’d like to sponsor a mile of my adventure, take a look here to donate $100 in support of an amazing cause and effort. 



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