My Mom-She’s the Tops

I’ve had moms and motherhood on my brain lately—starting with two weeks ago when a friend asked me to babysit his ten month old son. He was in a pinch and I had a lot of tasks to do that day from home, so I hurried over to his house after my 5 am practice.  Luke was a gem of a baby-but it was a lot of work! Between changing diapers and making sure he was fed-I had to sprint through my to do list during naptime to get everything done. I called my mom that night (with the time change I’m pretty sure I woke her up…) and thanked her for being my mom.  Her response was, “and just imagine having another one running around while you’re trying to put that one down for a nap.” Then I remembered what a brat of a child I was-and thanked her about six more times before we hung up.

This past Sunday I went to a baby shower for my cousin Courtney, hosted by my cousin Cheryl.  As a team we kept Cheryl’s three-year-old daughter, Mia, occupied on Saturday night before the shower as we frosted cupcakes and prepped for the party. I knew Cheryl had a lot to do-so I tried to take on entertaining Mia for the night-including reading about twelve bedtime stories. I fell asleep on Cheryl’s couch as soon as my head hit the pillow-that kid tuckered me out.  I can handle three workouts a day-but a three year old? That’s a workout.

And if those events weren’t enough of a sign that I needed to write about my mom, Sunday night I went to a performance one of the ROW ladies was in, “Listen To Your Mother” ( Every single story was touching and left me in tears. Fourteen women and one man shared intimate stories about their mothers or being a mother- some were funny, some were sad, all were heartfelt and touching. I left not only feeling inspired to once again call my mom (yep, I woke her up, yet again), but also to write and share about my mom.

So how does my mom handle having a crazy adventurous daughter who puts herself in dangerous situations and occasionally gets arrested? Well, to sum it up real quick: she’s pretty much awesome about it. When people ask me about my rowing trip-someone always asks, “ So what does your mom think about this?”

The answer: My mom has always been supportive of the goals and dreams I’ve had for my life. It’s not to say that I grew up in a house that lacked the word “no”, it just that “no” didn’t exist when it came to following your heart.

My mom’s father was also an adventurer – I think that has helped my mom understand me as well.  My Grandpa Sherm started the first skindiving club in Michigan-spending weekends exploring new bodies of water in and around the Great Lakes.

Grandpa Sherm

I have always (even as a child) been headstrong with a natural tendency to lead. Finding a way to be supportive of someone like this is a unique gift, particularly as a parent. Why? Because once I get an idea in my head and it’s clear—I start going for it at 100 mph. It’s like the time I wanted to make a mobile book report for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  She knew that the best thing to do was to take me to store for supplies and then just leave me to my own devices on the kitchen table with the scissors, hangers, yarn and markers. I’ve gotta say—it was a pretty kick ass mobile.

My mom isn’t a loud person-and in many ways she’s a pretty private person. I’ll probably embarrass her by dedicating this post to her but I felt it was necessary. She inspires me and supports me by always being there- even at some ungodly hour when all I have to say is “thanks, and I love you”. But really-isn’t that what everyone mom wants this Mother’s Day?

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