A little bit of sickness, a whole lot of things I’m going to miss

Over the last couple of days I’ve been fighting strep throat.  It wasn’t a part of my plan-being a week away from my Chicago departure. Thankfully I’m supported by an amazing team of volunteers that make Row4ROW a huge success.  Every time I tried to do something I got a response back that said, “I got this, go back to bed.”

Now that my fever has broken and I’m slowly realizing that I’m  less than a week away from the beginning of a life changing journey and experience–I’m beginning to miss Chicago already.

Things I’m going to miss:

-Going to ROW practice every Monday night and spending time with athletes that want to not only fight cancer through exercise-but want to become faster rowers for themselves and their team mates.
- Going to Chicago Rowing Union (CRU) practice at 5 am (yes, I will miss my 4:30 am alarm clock) and watching the team get their 2K goals. Further proving that they are getting faster every month.
- My dog! All week it’s like she KNOWS I’m leaving.  She follows me everywhere.
- While I was sick and could barely swallow-I got to eat a lot of ice cream and sleep in a very comfortable bed. I also had the comfort of knowing my water was clean and it was easily accessible.  All I had to do was walk from my couch to my faucet and lift a lever.
-Reliable internet access. Always being able to use my phone, call whoever I’d like whenever I like.
-Taking a shower every day.
-Eating home cooked meals.
-Feeling well enough to have a glass of red wine.
-Did I mention I’m going to miss red wine?
-The sound of music and warm laughter of my friends filling my studio apartment for a dinner party.
-My workouts only lasting an hour-and knowing that I can get through an hour and it will be over.

Things I’m looking forward to:

-The self discovery that comes with being alone, in solitude for so long.
-No more phone calls and emails all day long. Just lots of rowing. Life gets simple. Eating, rowing, sleeping. Repeat.
-The opportunity to row for every athlete I’ve ever coached. To show them that they can and should believe in everything they believe their body can do.
-The day I get back to my team…to seeing all the amazing survivors I’ve coached and am rowing this trip in honor of.
-Hugging my mom. All I really want to do on August 15 is hug my mom.

Thank you for your continued support of ROW and this trip. If you’d like to sponsor a mile of my adventure, take a look here to donate $100 in support of an amazing cause and effort.  Or join me at the send-off party at the Chicago Yacht Club on June 14, 6-8 p.m.



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