Goodbye Liv

Dear friends,

I am selling Liv this weekend. She’s on to her next adventure.

As strange as it sounds-this is the most difficult goodbye I’ve ever had. I know-it’s a boat, an object. She doesn’t have feelings-but if she did…I’d tell Liv thank you and I’d express my gratitude by hugging all 19 foot of her beautiful fiberglass body. Thank you for helping me raise over $150,000 (plus 4 boat donations) for a cause I could not be more passionate about. Thank you for protecting me in all kinds of weather and wind, for letting me throw up on you multiple times, occasionally make you stink with bug spray, body odor and sunscreen. Thank you for being my partner through press conferences, interviews and dozens of photos shoots. Remember that storm in Green Bay when the anchor snapped and I wanted to give up, screaming and crying through the sickness and fear? Thank you for never giving up on me and my dream.

Thank you for bringing me home to the greatest city in the world…

So that I can plan my next adventure for the summer of 2014.



One comment on “Goodbye Liv

  1. Bittersweet I’m sure! Give her a goodbye kiss for me…it was a pleasure meeting her AND seeing you this summer! xoxo