Liv arrives in Chicago

With the help of Sam Bailey, I was able to bring Liv from Mentor, Ohio to the great state of Illinois (and the best city, ever: Chicago). Sam and I left for Mentor (pronounced “Men-nor”, notice the silent “t”) on Friday and drove her back on Saturday morning. It was about a 6 hour drive but the time flew because we had much to catch up on.  Sam just finished a trip to Argentina and I was in South Africa just before the World Cup. Many stories to tell and fun to be had.

We met Katie early on Saturday morning to go over the details of our arrangement and make sure Liv was ready for transport. She gave me some dehydrated food packs so that I could sample the fabulous cuisine (oh my) I would have to look forward to.  We sorted through tools and equipment for an hour or so while discussing Katie’s new adventure: biking through South America. When Katie said goodbye to Liv I sensed some sadness when we pulled out of the driveway.  I imagine that after a physical object protects you and keeps you alive for over 3 months–you might get a little attached.

After picking up a trailer hitch with Sam at the local K-Mart and breakfast at Bob Evans, we were en route to Chicago, hauling 400 lbs at 12 miles per gallon.

At every gas station we made “friends”, curious travelers asking about Liv. “Is it a space ship? Is that some kind of kayak?”. If I was in bathroom,  Sam would explain the Atlantic challenge–only for me to return to the car to find someone calling me crazy (somehow…I’m used to it?). We got back to Chicago in early afternoon and parked Liv in the parking lot across from my apartment. Over the next few days I will be making repairs and removing the sponsor logos from Katie’s trip.

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