Liv’s big debut

Last week was an exciting time for Liv! I brought her to Clutch Bar on Wednesday night to meet supporters, members of the ROW team, and have a good time (of course!). Thanks to all who came to celebrate with us…with t-shirt sales and the donation from the bar, we made over $500 for ROW.  If you’re interested in the shirts below, they are $25 (+ $5 for shipping and handling), please buy them at the link on the right column of this page.

Thursday I showed Liv off at the Lincoln Park Boat Club 100 Year Anniversary celebration, hosted at the Columbia Yacht Club.  The club itself is housed inside of a retired 372-foot Canadian icebreaker and ferryboat named Abby. It was a great time–we spent the night checking out the bridge while Liv welcomed guests amongst the city lights. I found some great books in the library too!

I took Liv back to Crowley’s Yacht Yard (many thanks to Grant Crowley) today for a winter of pampering. She needs some minor structural repairs and some superficial cosmetic work, kind of the boat equivalent of a mani-pedi (with a coat of anti fowling paint).

While Liv seems to enjoy all the attention, it can get a bit much for Jenn Gibbons. On a brisk day by Lake Michigan, we went out for a photo shoot for the website. Enjoy!

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