Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

2010 has been so full. Full of happiness, surprise, challenge and excitement. Last week I enjoyed my family in Michigan, got to hang out with my parents and watch too many Christmas movies.

Earlier this spring, I made the biggest decision of my life thus far. I committed to rowing across the Atlantic Ocean to raise funds and awareness for ROW. Since then, I purchased a specialized ocean rowing boat, started a campaign to raise $300,000, and met all kinds of strangers who have asked me the same questions thousands of times. Where will you sleep? What will you eat….how do you go to the bathroom? Are you crazy?

I’ve also had some tough conversations with many of my family members and those close to me–some serious conversations that were difficult to say the least.  The decision to take on this challenge has been at times emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting–but entirely worth it at the same time. While my family would do just about anything to get me to NOT cross the ocean–they are extremely supportive. I haven’t always been “normal”, so maybe that is of some comfort (or concern?) to my mom.

Anyway–there is much to do in 2011. Much of which I look forward to with equal amounts of excitement and anxiety. Thank you for your continued support….I cannot tell you how many amazing people I’ve met in 2010 that have offered support or help in so many ways. I may be crossing the Atlantic solo–but this trip would not be safe or successful without the help of many (including the little girl who drew this amazing portrait for me!).



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