Spring feels like it’s itching to get out!

I can’t wait to get back on the water again. I’m also training for the Kalamazoo Marathon (first weekend in May). I haven’t run a marathon or done much training for one in almost a year–so it will be a challenge! Along with running, I have a pretty awesome training tool to hop on every day (or a few times a day), my WaterRower. Here’s a few pics of me rowing–it warmed up a few days last week so I got to take it outside for a training session. As you can see, I had some great company…my dog, Coach Sam. She watches every… single… stroke.

For the Rowers out there–the WaterRower is a bit different than the Concept II.  It’s a smoother ride–the ribbon/fabric that works as the “chain” on an erg makes it a more “fluid”row.  It also doesn’t encourage you to rush the slide the way an erg does. The ribbon doesn’t pull you back in (the way that sometimes the chain does, encouraging the rush on the recovery). You can change the resistance by adding/removing water.  The splits are generous and more forgiving than on an erg–but it feels (and sounds) like you’re in a single. It’s an awesome training tool–much prettier to look at than an erg, and easy to stand up for storage.

Sunday we have a volunteer meeting scheduled for 11 am. Anyone who wants to volunteer in any way is more than welcome.  Don’t be bashful–we will put you to work! I love getting together with volunteers that are just as passionate about this trip as I am. It inspires me-particularly on the days I feel overwhelmed or stressed out. It’s so great to know that I’m not doing this trip alone.  I can’t thank you enough for your kind words, positive vibes and energy! It really keeps me going every day as we plan for the trip. Still want to help but not sure how? Email me and we’ll find something!

More soon!


3 comments on “WaterRower

  1. These, it should be said, are the pictures of a very strong rower. From what can be gleaned through just a few shots/angles, the technique looks solid as can be. No break of the arms at the catch, for instance, and superb hang with the upper back. Such strength/talent as would be fun to coach. Poor Lake Michigan . . .