Keeping My Chin Up

It was a busy week.  I cleaned, treated, and waxed Liv.  She looks really good!

Along with removing and replacing the batteries, we are in the process of wiring and rewiring the electrical needs to make sure she’s ready for the lake. While removing and cleaning the batteries, I climbed into the storage cabin for the first time, it wasn’t easy to get out!

On 5/21 I’ll take her back to Chicago for a quick showing on Lakeshore Drive (please join us at Randolph and the lake from 6 am to noon), then off the Crowley’s for repairs.  Mark Carroll and I will be patching a few spots on the bottom of the boat and removing the antifouling paint from the bottom. The trailer will be altered again to make sure it’s easy to bring her in and out of the water. Memorial Day weekend is the first long distance training row, so we want her ready for that.

Liv is really starting to feel like “my” boat. While there were a lot of needs when I got her—it’s clear that the boat was built to last. While washing the inside cabin I found a Butterfinger. I can only imagine how badly someone wanted this on their Atlantic crossing! Finding this pretty much made my day.

Many thanks to all that came out to the VINCE shopping party on Thursday night. We had so much fun, and raised over $1,200!  Special thanks to Kristin and January from VINCE, Michele Wilmott from LPBC, Sarah’s Pastries for the ROW cookies, and Michigan Ave Magazine for coming out to capture the night.

This Sunday I ran the Kalamazoo Marathon. I wasn’t a huge fan of the course, but it was fun to run in a race that was so close to my hometown and my mom on Mother’s Day.  I saw my cousins on the course, and even spotted the lunch lady from my elementary school cheering on the sidelines! I didn’t have a great race—in fact ran into injury and it took longer than I had hoped. I stopped at the medical tent to ask for Advil and ice, but I was also over hydrated and started throwing up water. In a marathon, you lose electrolytes and replace them with candy, GU packets, fruit, or any kind of energy really. I was drinking Gatorade because my stomach wasn’t handling the electrolyte chews I packed, and since Gatorade still has water in it (as well as electrolytes), the balance in my body wasn’t getting any better.  Long story short-she wouldn’t let me leave the tent and suggested I stop. So, I got upset, didn’t want to give up—and got back on the course. Anyone who has run a marathon knows that you just want it to be over as soon as possible. Walking, stopping, and any delay feels like the slowest passing time on earth. When you stop—you start to feel the pain, if you keep running—you stay fairly numb.

Yes, friendly nurse at the tent—it was a bad decision to start running again. My back started to seize up almost immediately and I’m really paying for it today. I learned a few things the hard way yesterday and I can’t risk injury, especially as I get closer to my big row.  New goals: Stop when it hurts, give my body the nutrients it needs to perform ,and I can’t be trusted with water.

Another hurdle this week is finding a car dealership to sponsor the trip. I felt 99% sure about an opportunity but it didn’t come through and I got a rejection phone call this morning. So now we’re scrambling to find a vehicle for my Memorial Day weekend training row.  I’m putting Liv in the water on 5/28, and am in need of a towing vehicle to bring Liv back to Chicago from Waukegan on 5/29. If you or anyone you know would be willing to help us out, please let me know! Things like this keep me up at night, but I’m going to stay optimistic and keep my chin up (like I did in the race this weekend!). Everything is less overwhelming if you take it one step at a time.

Thank you for your continued support of ROW and this trip. GO ROW!


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