Back on the water, back in the swing

Every spring I am reminded of why I love coaching rowing so much. It’s when you get an email that says “I’m so excited to get on the water tonight I just want to leave work right now!” at 9 am on a Monday. After a workout on the dock they are literally glowing (and no, it’s not from river sewage). They look like children on Christmas Day—huge smiles and happy hearts.  “Wow, that was just awesome…I can’t wait until next week!”

Speaking of getting back on the water-Liv goes in Memorial Day weekend.  At Crowley’s this week we’re repairing a few cracks in the hull from the trailer fittings (now altered to fit), and I’m taking the antifouling (black) paint off the bottom.  This paint is used for salt water, so it ‘s not necessary. I’ll sand it off Wednesday and replace it with a paint made for fresh water.  Liv will collect algae on the trip, but I can jump in and clean her off once a week to make sure I’m moving as fast as possible while rowing.

For Memorial Day I’m rowing Liv from Chicago to Waukegan. This is a 30-mile row that I’m giving myself 12 hours to complete. Hopefully it won’t take that long! Brenda Janish, brave ROW member and volunteer will be joining me for the row. She will stay in my sleeping cabin (or anywhere I’m not rowing!) during the trip. Since Brenda is such a tech person, I’m hoping between the two of us we can get confident with my gadgets and GPS on board. Brenda and I will make sure to capture parts of the row to share on film.

These training rows in 2011 are set up so that I can get an idea what my daily mileage will be, allowing us to map out stops for 2012.  In June and July I have training rows planned in Wisconsin and Michigan.  Let me know if you’d like to volunteer to help with these!

Here are some pictures of Liv from the last few weeks of electrical work and cleaning. We finally got the logo on the boat, thanks to Boat US graphics for the decal. I’ve been spending a lot of time reading and learning about the beautiful body of water I get to live on next summer.  This book (on loan from Grant) is my favorite, the Great Lakes Cruising Club Port Pilot and Log Book. It is informative and believe it or not—extremely entertaining. Each chapter is written by a member, so the descriptions are candid and personal. I love it! I also love this chart, which shows the distances between ports. I copied and laminated it to take with me.

Many thanks to everyone who donated this week to our matching gift campaign.  On Monday an anonymous donor gave me the challenge of raising $2,000 via facebook in one week—and if I made the goal, they would match it, making it a $4,000 fundraising week for ROW. We reached $2,000 by noon on Friday. You guys are so fantastic! My third grade teacher and a college professor of mine donated. I was inspired beyond words to find that I was touching people who shaped and inspired me in the first place.

Thank you for your continued support of ROW and this trip.  Stay tuned for an account of my first training row next week!


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  1. Good luck this weekend on your row! I hope you have good weather and will be thinking about you. Have fun!