Cereal City Fun

When I decided to take on my rowing adventure over a year ago-one of the hardest conversations I had (and likely will ever have) was with my family.  While they were full of love and support for me (and my crazy ideas,) they were also hesitant. I wear a lot of hats, but to my family-I am Jenn—their daughter, their sister, their grandchild.  When I decided to do this trip, I was met by my family with equal amounts of concern and support. Oh, and a million questions.  But can you really blame them?

I grew up in Battle Creek, Michigan, nicknamed the “cereal city” as the home of Kellogg and Post cereal. Friday morning my family and I set out to bring Liv to the Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival. My brother, sister in law, mom, and dad spent the weekend with me and Liv—sharing the Row4ROW story with thousands of people. Each member of my family was working the crowd to share the story of Jenn & Liv, and the great cause behind my row. A year after I decided to set out on this adventure, they’re my biggest fans. I have no idea what I would do without my family’s patience, understanding and support.

Along with fundraising $1,000 for ROW via donations and t-shirt sales  (which I didn’t expect at all), I met veterans, pilots, balloonists and families from Battle Creek and all over the country. A Blue Angel pilot came up to learn about my trip–I thanked him for his service, and I said “I could never do what you do!”, and he said “Are you kidding? I could never do what you do”. It was very humbling.

Some people recognized Liv from her past adventures; most didn’t know what to think of her.  More times than I can remember I answered the questions, “what is that thing?”, “are you crazy?”, and “can I look inside the boat?”.  So many kids were climbing in and out of Liv, I imagine she felt like a jungle gym by Monday morning.

We had a great time, and I look forward to hearing from all of the friends I made this weekend. This upcoming weekend the ROW ladies are racing in the Chicago Sprints, I can’t wait to see them race down the course—my constant source of inspiration.

July 30 I take on Lake Michigan for another training row. If you’ll be in St. Joe or South Haven that weekend, please let me know so I can say hello!

Thank you for continuing to inspire me through your continued support of ROW and this trip. Please continue to support my efforts by donating online or at the address below and sharing my story with friends and family. GO ROW!

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