The Boat

Liv, a specialized ocean rowing boat will be Jenn’s new home for the duration of the trip. The boat was constructed by Rhode Island boat builders Aquidneck Custom from a design by Phil Morrison, an accomplished rowboat designer. These seaworthy boats are self-righting and have braved 30 ft waves and hurricanes. A sealed cabin will provide enough space to sleep and to take cover during storms.

The 19 ft vessel has enough shelter for one and can hold several months of provisions. Hatches line the deck providing storage for 70-100 days worth of food and gear. Freshwater tanks are used for ballast and can also be used as an emergency water supply. Solar panels mounted to the boat will power all electronics including the desalinator, satellite phone, VHF radio, and the radar enhancer. Liv is approximately 400 lbs.  After all of the supplies Jenn will need for her trip are packed, Liv will likely weigh around 700 lbs.