The Cause

Breast cancer survivors who exercise regularly can reduce their risk of cancer recurrence by 50%.

Recovery on Water provides a unique, fun, and warm environment for survivors to get fit and fight cancer through exercise.

Establishing and maintaining a regular exercise routine is challenging. Finding a supportive network of women to share your cancer experience with is even more difficult. ROW helps survivors accomplish both. Members exercise in an environment where they can share their anxieties, express their health concerns, and learn to thrive as survivors of breast cancer. The team consists of over fifty women ranging from 29 to 64 years old, trains three days a week and competes in regattas throughout the Midwest, such as the Chicago Indoor Rowing Championships, the Chicago Sprints, and the Tail of the Fox regatta in DePere,

Most importantly, ROW has made a positive impact on the lives of its members. The women of ROW are strong, fearless, and ready to fight cancer with every stroke. As the most sought after exercise group for survivors in Chicago, membership has grown to over fifty and counting, with new member inquiries every week.

“Rowing has changed my life…not that cancer hasn’t. Rowing has given me something back that cancer has taken away. Rowing has made me see that there are no limits on what I can do. The first time on the water I was apprehensive, but once I started and got the feel of it, it was such an unbelievable feeling of living—what a rush! I was not wondering when I was going to die but pushing farther than I have ever gone.” Nellina B., ROW member

“I row to be a member of a team. I row to create and share experiences with empowered women who have overcome similar challenges. I row to feel the boat move under my power. I row because I can. I row because I am strong. I row because I am alive.” Gail D., ROW member

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