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Row4ROW Logo T-shirts ($20 each + $5 shipping)

Row4ROW Logo Tee

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“I Got This” T-shirts ($20 each + $5 shipping)

The commemorative “I Got This” t-shirt series is designed by local Chicago artists Ian Sherwin and Jimmy ‘Bunnyluv’ Nienhaus, inspired by Jenn Gibbon’s determination and resolve, in support of Recovery on Water. To learn more about Ian and Jimmy, visit and

Pre-order "I got this!" (boat) Tee

Pre-order "I GOT THIS" (oars) Tee


Living Breast Series Note Cards — $15 each, $5 shipping

Friend of ROW and Chicago artist Denise Milito ( has generously donated a large number of her “Living Breast” series note cards for ROW fundraising. As part of the Row4ROW campaign, ROW is selling the cards for $15/pack (12 cards per pack). 100% of the proceeds will go to ROW.

Living Breast Series Notecards

Living Breast Series Notecards