To prepare for her 1,500 mile journey and adventure, Jenn is training in various ways to avoid injury and make the trip as safe as possible. In addition to lots of rowing, Jenn’s training calls for a regimented schedule of weight lifting, core strengthening, yoga, and cross training that is designed to prepare Jenn’s body to withstand the countless hours of rowing required to complete her journey.


RowFit Chicago is a boutique fitness gym in Chicago, specializing in small group exercise classes including Indoor Rowing, CrossFit, CrossFit Striking/Boxing, Cycling, Circuit Training, Endurance Training and Triathlon Training. Rowfit plays an important role in allowing Jenn to build the muscle groups that will protect her joints and make her strong through her summer at sea.


Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers

Jenn works with a physical therapist weekly at Accelerated Rehab to work on the muscle groups that were identified as potential injury zones or weak muscle groups. Jenn is also treated with Active Release Therapy (ART) massage to lengthen her muscles and remove scar tissue.

Core Power Yoga

Core power yoga is a vigorous yoga exercise that physically and mentally challenges you to connect to an inner power. Core power yoga heals, detoxifies and stimulates the body and mind through balance and intention. Yoga at Core Power is a daily practice for Jenn to mentally and physically prepare for the demands of this adventure-from isolation to flexibility.












Every morning Jenn rows to start the day and prepare her body to “wake up and row”. Simulating this experience will allow her body to become accustomed to the demands of rowing 10+ hours a day, covering at times 30 miles in one day.  WaterRower has been designing and manufacturing rowing machines of exceptional quality and design since 1988. Designed in the mid- 80s by Yale and US national Team Rower John Duke.