Cookie Dough School Fundraisers

Cookie dough school fundraisers work well for groups because they are a popular product and people tend to purchase them regularly. Pair your cookie dough program with a gift catalog for more sales.

Most cookie dough fundraisers are order taker programs. Volunteers distribute brochures to your supporters and they then choose their preferred flavors on the back-side of the brochure.

Set Your Goals

Cookie dough fundraisers are a popular choice for college students and can be a great source of revenue for your organization. Successful fundraising campaigns depend on effective planning, teamwork, and offering a product that your supporters want to buy.

Consider a shelf-stable cookie dough option so that your participants can sell at their own convenience and avoid having cases of frozen dough thawing in their freezer for several days. Choose a variety of flavors to satisfy different taste preferences and seasons.

Many programs opt for two-week fundraising periods that give their participants time to sell at school events, theater or band performances and seasonal festivals. It also allows students to sell to their friends and family members. Consider adding a custom discount card to your campaign for added value.

Gather Supporters

With a little help from a fundraising company, you can set up a cookie dough fundraiser to sell in person or online. Many product fundraising companies offer a variety of gourmet flavors that can appeal to supporters.

Product-based fundraisers like this are easy to sell at school sports events, theater or band performances, and seasonal festivals. Many program directors opt for a two-week fundraising campaign so that your student participants have time to reach out to their families, friends, and neighbors before the holiday season kicks in.

Incentives like enticing prizes can elevate your cookie dough fundraiser and drive participation. By aligning prizes to your fundraising theme and promoting transparency and accountability, you can create a rewarding experience for everyone involved. In addition, a digital giving option enables supporters to donate instantly.

Set Up Your Order Forms

This is a simple order taker fundraiser where your supporters select their favorites from the front-side of the brochure and write their payment information on the back. At the end of your selling period, you total up the orders and payment. The vendor then sends you the cookie dough in a bulk shipment ready to distribute to your sellers.

Tip: Encourage participation with prizes for top sellers. This can spur a sense of friendly competition among your sellers and help them achieve their goals. Prizes can be something as simple as a free cookie or a raffle for a larger prize like a gift card.

Be sure to choose a fundraising program with cut-off dates that align with your school schedule so you can sell during break times or seasonal events. This ensures your fundraising program won’t drag on and lose participant interest.

Collect Payments

When the selling period is over, it’s time to total up individual order sheets and submit them along with payment to your product fundraising partner. Most cookie dough programs offer online ordering and a kit that includes full-color brochures, order summary sheets, cover letter templates and how-to guides to help volunteers take orders. Some programs also offer a “order packed by seller” option to eliminate the need for refrigeration or distribution.

Prizes are a powerful tool that elevate the fundraising experience by motivating sellers to surpass their goals and earn alluring rewards. From kid-friendly prizes like toys and games to adult-friendly rewards such as gift cards or passes to local attractions, prizes encourage positive participation and support from participants across all age groups.

When planning your fundraiser, remember that effective planning and execution are the key to success! Choosing a reliable supplier, setting goals, promoting your campaign, tracking delivery tasks, and managing payments efficiently are the foundation of any successful fundraising event.

Deliver Your Orders

Depending on your selected product fundraising partner and program, once the sale ends, you’ll have delivery tasks to do and bookkeeping to keep up with. To make the process easier, choose a cookie dough fundraiser that offers a free pack-by-seller option for distribution.

If you’re able to, opt for tubs instead of pre-portioned cookie dough so your volunteers don’t have to carry heavy products around. Many of these fundraisers also offer gourmet flavors that your supporters may love.

Ensure everyone receives the right products by counting and double checking each order before handing them to your sellers. For ease of use, have one person in charge of this task. This will help make sure numbers match up and avoid distributing incorrect flavors to donors.

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